Wild Southern California

NOTICE: Because of my severe arthritis, I can no longer hike on trails, so this site will no longer be updated.

Most people think of Los Angeles as a city in the desert.

For the record: the Los Angeles basin is not desert. Much of it was originally coastal sage scrub, and gets 12 inches of rain a year, not less than 10 as a desert does.

A good portion of it was once even a tangled, swampy oak-forest with only a few trails running through it.

Mojave desert
This is desert: the Mojave Desert.
sage scrub
This is coastal sage scrub.

See the difference? True desert is never as green, and always has more space between individual plants. Deserts also have different species of plants from coastal sage scrub.

If you want to learn more about the Mojave Desert instead, check the More Info page.

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