Liebre Mountain

Though it's still part of Angeles National Forest, the vegetation on Liebre Mountain is more like the western slopes of the Sierras than the San Gabriel Mountains -- oak-grass savannah at the lower elevations instead of chaparral, and digger pine forest higher up. This is because Liebre and Sawmill Mountains are the farthest south that many Sierran plants grow, such as California buckeye and this digger pine.

From the slopes you can look out across the scorching Antelope Valley and the barren desert mountains above it -- a strange contrast.

Both Liebre and Sawmill Mountains are isolated from the main Transverse Ranges, lying north of them.

To get there, go north up the 5 to the Highway 138 exit, past Pyramid Lake. Take the 138 east four miles, and turn right on Old Ridge Route. Now, go 2.2 miles south, to where Pine Canyon Road goes east. Then take Pine Canyon Road east 4.2 miles. The trailhead is unmarked and resembles a dirt road, but it lacks the "No Hunting" and "No Trespassing" signs of the other dirt roads in the area. You can park on the wide area of dirt at the beginning.